The 1st National Congress of Organ Donation will be held by Transplant Organ Procurement Unit (OPU) of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences on June 18th-20th for the very first time in Iran.


The aim is to develop all aspects of organ and tissue donation and procurement and it's focused on:

·         Organ donor detection

·         A Brain death care

·         Brain death confirmation

·         Perfecting the process of donation and procurement

·         Facing with the family and family care

·         OPU structures

·         Ethical matters related to organ and tissue donation and procurement


The congress will be held on 3 days and it will focused on detecting brain death cases, medical cares, potential donors, brain death tests, matching process, OPU structures, psychological issues, cultural developments, … .


Article submission deadline: 5 May 2019


Please send your articles by e-mail manuscripts as Microsoft Word or PDF attachments, to:



-          Organ donation cup

This award goes to best OPU in this competition


-          Scientific congress Award:

        This award goes to best oral presentation





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